Our Services
Colt Starting
$650-$850 monthly
Price varies with boarding / feeding needs
Basic ground work to under saddle training for youngsters with no experience. 
Endurance Training
$750-$1200 monthly
Price varies with  distance goal (50-100 miles), boarding / feeding needs
Don’t have time to get your horse ready for an endurance ride.  Our mountains provide the ideal conditions to “leg up” a horse.  Training ride elevations range from 7,500 – 12,000 feet.  Horse should be comfortable with a rider at all three gaits.
Problems / Restarts
$850-$1200 monthly
Price varies with problem issue, boarding / feeding needs
Are you having trouble with your horse with issues such as bucking, rearing, running off, not standing when mounted, not loading, etc.  Your horse may need a restart and specialized handling/riding.
Endurance Rides
Lease Options
Contact for price
Price varies with  ride distance and location
Don’t have the time to train for a 100 miler or do you live too far away from a ride?  Let me match you up with one of our horses to ride at your favorite endurance ride.
  • 100 Mile Lease Option for the top rides in the Country
  • Multi-Day 50 / 25 Mile Rides in the Mountain, Southwest, Pacific South, and West Region rides.
Other regions will also be considered depending on distance.