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2008 Chestnut Arabian Gelding

SOLD to John Anderson
RRA Moctar is a 16+H purebred Arabian gelding.  Big, tall, well portioned with correct conformation.   RRA Moctar - aka "Jack" is a sweet, kind and kind of goofy. He loves to check things out and is very playful. He is very eager to please his rider / handler.  He is wonderful at the start of rides with his no nonsense attitude and doesn't get wound up like many young horses do.  He is easy to rate his speed on a loose rein.  I think he is FINALLY done growing at almost 16.1 H.  Ready for 100s. Choose your ride lease option for the 2017 season: Tevis, Big Horn, Old Dominion, or your favorite 100.
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    AHR #640782 AERC #H52608
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    Dreamcatcher SMF x Akrobata
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