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2014 Chestnut Arabian Gelding

This young horse is just starting his training and his price will reflect the level he is at and how he is progressing.  I would prefer to discuss his price with a prospective buyer at time of inquiry.

Kenlyn Spring Fever aka Cruz is the last foal of Sacred Rendezvous. Bred by the well known endurance ranch, Kenlyn Arabians, who has produced outstanding endurance and show Arabians. Cruz is a tall, stunning chestnut colt with a perfect blaze and four high white matching socks. Sacred Rendezvous has produced several successful endurance horses including Kenlyn Sacred Night, a 2005 mare I've ridden for Linda Fisher the last several years. KL Alcatraz Tu, his sire is 16H and although not well known in the endurance world, he has produced well and puts size and substance on his offspring. Cruz is a big colt with correct conformation, incredible movement and a calm, willing temperament. He is 15.1 H, should mature to 15.2 - 15.3H.  He's still very growthy and young looking.

Update December 2017   Cruz has started his under saddle training and it is going extremely WELL.  The first day I saddled him, I got on him, the 2nd day with a saddle I rode him around the roundpen.  He moved right off of leg pressure, he sidepassed, leg yielded, moved haunches and shoulders over, backed and halted with a simple whoa and body cue.  The 3rd day I took him on a trail ride.  First I ponied him off Valerio, my stallion. Then I got on Cruz and ponied Val.  He even trotted down the forest service road ponying Val and was bolding leading and in front of the other 2 horses.  He's going to be incredibly easy to train and was seemingly grinning from ear to ear to be on a trail ride.  I'll continue to ride him this winter and probably do an LD late summer / early fall 2018.  I will take it slow with him but it's gonna be hard.  He's so happy with his new job.  It was kind of like he was saying "Well finally it's my turn! I've been watching you start horses for years and I'm ready to go now!"  I know this sounds funny but Cruz was always the one to watch me work youngsters in the roundpen and he always wanted to come in and have his turn.  Now it IS his turn!!!
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    AHR #665141
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    KL Alkatraz Tu x Sacred Rendezvous
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    In-Training, Please Inquire
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