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2014 Grey Arabian Gelding

This young horse is just starting his training and his price will reflect the level he is at and how he is progressing.  I would prefer to discuss his price with a prospective buyer at time of inquiry.

Al Marah bred by Bremerval Andronicus++++// out of a Spanish / Crabett bred Al Marah mare. Tempest is 3/4 brother to AM Great Othello+++//. Tempest spent several months of trick training with Heidi Herriot, head trainer at Arabian Nights in Orlando, Florida. Tempest has a wonderful temperament and will excel in either endurance or in the sporthorse division. He is very similar to AM Great Othello in both temperament, conformation, and movement. I'm really excited to start working with him.
  1. Registrations
    AHR #670068
  2. Height
  3. Breeding
    Bremervale Andronicus++++// x AM Fancie Frisca
  4. Price
    In-Training, Please Inquire
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  1. Video Coming Soon